Rose Medical Center Emergency Department

Denver, Colorado

Rose Emergency Department is a Level IV trauma center, community hospital in the Heart of Denver. We are known in the community as a “Baby Hospital”, but our emergency department does so much more than babies! We see approximately 39,000 patients a year with all types of injuries, illnesses or medical concerns.

Our major initiatives over the last few years were around throughput and establishing a Fast Track care area that helped decrease walk out rates from 4% to less than 0.3% within 6 months. We also worked through our Unit Based Council to establish a staff led, patient safety plan and we went 185 days with no patient falls in our department. We have done a lot of work around recruiting and retention establishing a nurse extern program to help support staff and transition to full time RN’s after graduation. We also worked with our community to decrease our time on divert for EMS personnel to under 2 hours a month down from 30 hours a month on average.

We pride ourselves on team work, kindness to patients, co-workers and ourselves and enjoying our moments with Peppi, our service dog, who brings us joy and wet kisses when we need them. We are so honored to have received our first Lantern Award!