“Journal of Emergency Nursing” Awards

JEN is ENA’s official peer-reviewed journal that features original research and updates from the emergency nursing field, while also covering practice and professional issues.

Authors of the Year Award

James Glatts, Jacob Weissenburger, Margaret Mullen-Fortino, Leighann Mazzone, Pamela Z Cacchione for their 2022 paper: Patient extrication process for urban emergency departments

James Glatts
James Glatts, MHCI, BSN, RN, Lead Author

Lead author, James Glatts, MHCI, BSN, RN, is a certified emergency nurse working at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. With rising rates of gun violence, and an increase in police transporting patients suffering from penetrating trauma, James formed an interdisciplinary team and created a role based approach to efficiently, quickly, and safely extricate patients on arrival to the emergency department.

Jake Weissenburger is the Clinical Nurse Educator at PPMC and has ensured that this process is now standard practice at PPMC. James, Jake and their co-authors, LeighAnn Mazzone, Margaret Mullen-Fortino, and Pamela Cacchione sought to publish their work to share with other emergency departments as patient transportation practices evolve in the gun violence epidemic.

Authors of the Year Award
Lisa Wolf
Lisa Adams Wolf, PhD, RN, CEN, FAEN, FAAN, Lead Author

Lisa Wolf, Cydne Perhats, Altair Delao, Christian N Burchill, Paul Clark, Michael Callihan, Courtney Edwards, Stephanie Frisch, Michael Moon, Tania Strout for their 2022 paper: Role and training of emergency department charge nurses a mixed methods analysis of processes, needs, and expectations

Lead author, Lisa Adams Wolf, PhD, RN, CEN, FAEN, FAAN, is currently the director of emergency nursing research at ENA. Over the past 12 years, she has built a research collaborative that produces foundational knowledge for emergency nursing. This work informs practice, education, policy, and future research for our unique practice environment. Dr. Wolf has published over 100 articles with a variety of colleagues, students, and mentors, and will continue to do high quality research, so you don’t have to.

Reviewer of the Year Award
Amber Adams
Amber Adams, DNP, RN, CEN

Amber Adams, DNP, RN, CEN, is an experienced emergency nurse that teaches in both academia and the hospital setting. She has been actively involved in teaching and mentoring students, new graduate nurses, and experienced nurses transitioning into emergency nursing. Dr. Adams’ research background focuses on practice-based interventions aimed at reducing burnout and turnover in the emergency department. She also serves as a section editor for the Clinical Nurses Forum section of the Journal of Emergency Nursing. In this role, she creates and reviews manuscripts to help disseminate information that will directly improve the practice of emergency nurses.

Reviewer of the Year Award
Josh Wall
Josh Wall, PhD, RN, CEN, CFRN
Josh Wall, PhD, RN, CEN, CFRN

Significant Contributor of the Year Award
Gordon Gillespie

Gordon Gillespie, PhD, DNP, RN, CEN, CNE, CPEN, PHCNS-BC, ANEF, FAEN, FAAN for his work in 2022 as interim Editor-in-Chief and Special Issue Editor.

When the Journal of Emergency Nursing (JEN) Editor in Chief resigned the post in Spring 2021, Gordon was invited by the ENA Board of Directors to serve as the Interim Editor in Chief; he gladly accepted the post. During his tenure, he was able to increase clinical practice submissions as well as the total page count for each issue. In addition, Gordon served as a special issue guest editor for the May 2023 issue focused on workplace violence. This special issue ultimately included 8 clinical, 7 research, and multiple column articles yielding over 160 pages of content.