Stephanie A. Jensen, MSN, RN, MICN, California

Rising Star Award
Stephanie A. Jensen, MSN, RN, MICN, California>

This award recognizes a new ENA member (member less than five years) who has made a significant contribution to ENA as exhibited by promotion of ENA as the professional organization for emergency nurses at the local, state, or national level.

Working as a Southern California emergency nurse and MICN for over a decade, Stephanie joined ENA in 2019. With a background in public policy, she aspired to become more involved with her profession and was quickly recruited to chair the California ENA State Council Government Affairs Committee. Stephanie has held the role of GAC chair for the past two years and engages with ENA members, lobbyists, coalition committee members and legislators at every level. During her first year as GAC chair, she actively promoted state legislation requiring acute care facilities to include fentanyl testing in routine urine drug screens which will improve patient outcomes and patient education. Stephanie collaborated with her California ENA colleagues to co-author a 2022 General Assembly resolution to disseminate information about this gap in fentanyl testing capability. As a guest panelist at the 2023 ENA Leadership Orientation, she continued to display her passion and commitment to emergency nursing.