Camilia Brandt, MS, RN, CEN, CPEN, Texas

Judith C. Kelleher Award
Cam Brandt, MS, RN, CEN, CPEN (Michigan)

This award, named after one of ENA’s co-founders, honors a member of ENA who has consistently demonstrated excellence in emergency nursing and has made significant contributions to the profession and to ENA. The award is presented at the Anita Dorr Luncheon during ENA’s annual conference.

Cam came to pediatric emergency nursing in the early 1990s and spent most of her time working at the bedside and in a nurse educator role. Cam recently retired after 40 years of practice. A long-standing ENA member, she counts among her career highlights serving as a speaker at ENA’s annual conferences and spending decades as a TNCC and ENPC instructor, course coordinator and faculty. She has dedicated the last eight years to serving on various ENA volunteer committees and has been a major contributor to the last two revisions and redesign of the ENPC course. Cam served the great state of Texas as state council president, secretary, director and in multiple committee chair roles. Even though she relocated to Michigan, where she now teaches ENPC and TNCC regularly, she continues to actively serve as the Texas ENA State Council’s pediatric committee chair. Cam’s passion and love of education, and enthusiasm for making learning fun, is a legacy she leaves wherever she goes.