Choc Children’s Hospital – Julia And George Argyros Emergency Department

Orange, California

The George and Julia Argyros Emergency Department at CHOC Children’s Hospital is a 35-bed pediatric emergency department and Level II pediatric trauma center and is an Orange County Paramedic Base Station dedicated solely to pediatric calls, the only such Base Station in California. In 2019, the department cared for almost 97,00 patients with an admission rate of 10% during this period. 

NRC Picker ranked the department in the top 5 percent of similar units in the United States in terms of patient and family satisfaction. CHOC Children’s is ranked in the U.S. World and News in several specialty areas and is Magnet designated and has been awarded Leapfrog and Beacon awards. 

The department’s success is due to its strong leadership team and highly engaged staff who have embraced evidence-based practice, innovative care, and a culture of placing the patient and family at the center of care.