Steven Donahue, MS, BSN, RN, Michael Schwien, BS, BSN, RN and Danielle (LaVallee) Czapor, BSN, RN

“JEN” Authors of the Year Award
Steven Donahue, MS, BSN, RN

Educating Emergency Department Staff on the Identification and Treatment of Human Trafficking Victims

Published in January 2019

Steven Donahue, MS, BSN, RN

Steven Donahue is a certified emergency nurse working for Main Line Health in Paoli, Pennsylvania. Steve has Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in civil engineering from Penn State University, but found his true calling in nursing after obtaining a BSN from West Chester University. Steve and his co-authors have worked extensively on the topic of human trafficking within the healthcare environment for four years, providing multiple local presentations and trainings in addition to presenting at the Emergency Nursing Association national conference. Steve hopes this recognition can help highlight the need for healthcare workers to be trained in recognizing, intervening, and treating a potentially trafficked person; a simple training and framework could save individuals from unnecessary exploitation and suffering.

Danielle (LaVallee) Czapor, BSN, RN

In the 5 years that Danielle has worked with Main Line Health, she has raised awareness of human trafficking in the area and provided methods for screening potential victims with co-authors Steven Donahue and Michael Schwien. Along with her co-authors, Danielle has ensured awareness through assigned learning throughout the system, provided a visual assessment guide for proper screening of individuals, and increased confidence in caring for victims of human trafficking.