Colorado ENA State Council

State Council/Chapter Government Affairs Award

This award recognizes an ENA State Council or Chapter for outstanding efforts to increase member involvement in government affairs and advance public policy supporting nursing, safety, health care and/or injury prevention issues.

Colorado has transformed the impact of government affairs on the local, state, and national levels. Striving to build relationships, they have worked to grow from little involvement to ensuring the engagement of all the legislative offices on the national level at Day on the Hill. To improve information dissemination, they created a blog and cross-post on social media. Ensuring an open-door policy, members of the Government Affairs committee have worked to provide guidance, coaching, and mentorship to members who want to become more involved. They also provided education through a presentation and poster at the state conference.

For the first time, planning began in 2019 for Colorado ENA in conjunction with Colorado Nurses Association to host Nurses Day at the Capitol and the Legislative Dinner, hosting legislators and nurses. Through partnership and involvement of members in other government affairs roles, Colorado ENA has been able to not only improve involvement, but also impact legislative matters.